Have you ever felt like you just needed to take a moment and.., RELAX? We’ve all been there hectic schedules, too many obligations, never enough hours in the day. Sometimes we just want to take a seat and clear our minds. Meditation is an ancient practice that has stood through the test of the time as a viable resource to get in touch with your “inner being” and find peace.

Headspace is a web and mobile enabled application that focuses on keeping meditation simple, accessible and open for all people in all stages of their practice. Meditation has been known to stimulate creativity, strengthen self-control, and improve effective communication.


Whether it’s simply sitting and breathing in a cross-legged position and finding a way to center your thoughts; or watching a video that explains the science in laymen terms behind the benefits that meditation reaps; Headspace will get your mind out of the clouds and into yourself. The application focuses on users finding ways to spare 10 minutes a day, in whatever setting they feel comfortable in, and learn how to “apply mindfulness in their everyday activities”. With hundreds of hours of content available for download, Headspace feels it provides enough options for sets of meditation to suit any lifestyle or mood.  The application also allows users to invite “buddies” and share their journey in meditation in order to gamify the experience and encourage each other on their endeavor to “train their mind”.


Headspace is available online anytime for any session or can be downloaded to any mobile or tablet device and used offline to listen on the go. The application currently boasts over 5 million users and looks to spread meditation to more corners of the world. Headspace.com boasts supports from scientists on the benefits of meditation including less stress, better focus, and a reduction in anxiety. The app can be downloaded for free for 10 days and has a variety of packages available for purchase to unlock all the benefits of the app. Headspace is also committed to spreading health and positive mindfulness to everyone in the world including people in the need. With their “Get Some/Give Some” campaign, for every subscription purchased, they donate a subscription to someone in need. Breathe. Meditate. And Live Free.

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Trish – E
HOC Contributor