23.6% of US children (17.4 million) lived in father absent homes in 2014. And although we are almost in 2018, I am sure this somber statistic has risen. Consequently, it is no surprise that I feel unequivocally blessed to say that not only did I grow up with my father and mother in the household, but I also had and have a magical and divine relationship with my father and mother for all 34 years of my life. In fact, TODAY is my daddy’s, Mr. Ricky Jetson Mills’, born day. And for, 7 decades he has been living a purposeful life on purpose on this planet rooted in sacrificial love.

From Greensboro, NC and a graduate of AT&T, Mr. Mills, perhaps was always destined to be a bonafide and humble leader and warrior. Working three jobs while in undergraduate school, he always understood the importance of making the most of what the universe presented and he definitely had the drive of hustling three gigs in order to achieve financial independence at a young age. Coming from humble beginnings and using his childhood experiences as a catalyst to ensure that he and his family would not be poor ever again, this man; my father, made the proper sacrifices to achieve his mission.

I have never met a man so humble and righteous and unassuming as my dad’s . And I count it all joy as often times I tell my friends, “Oh, my father is absolutely hands down the most miraculous and exceptional, cool human being I know. He just happens to be my dad”. He just happens to be the first man and only man I have ever fell in love with.

Now, I know some of you may be saying – wow, I am 34 years old and have only been in love with my father. I totally understand the reaction as the reality is a supernatural affair. In fact, one of my past boyfriends even said I would never find anyone like my dad. So cruel I know. However, he is 100% right. No one on this earth will match my father’s love unconditional or our bond. However, he sure set the bar and God-willing there will be a match that reinforces all of the sacrifice and love and preparation my father has engineered throughout his 70 years on this planet for me and my siblings. And, I am sure not going to settle until I meet such a partner!

I mean talk about an endless love and a pioneering EXAMPLE of what I should accept into my life. I have experienced an unselfish experience of love everlasting that has no agendas or ulterior motives, but only wishes that I reach my highest expression of myself and that all of my friends honor and celebrate the presence of my being.

And, oh how I was prepared for. My college education was sorted before I knew about what a college was. Who does that? Ricky Jetson Mills does that. Who buys their 17 year-old daughter a 325 BMW when all she requested was a Forerunner. Mr. Ricky Jetson Mills does that. Why? Well, because he was setting the bar of course. Who creates the most authentic ways to teach me about the value of the dollar and the importance of integrity and keeping your word? Mr. Ricky Jetson Mills. And who makes sure that I never regret standing up for myself no matter what the repercussions may be? Well, you guessed it – my father, Mr. Ricky Jetson Mills, does that.

Daddy, I love you so much and I thank God for the favor over my life that I would even have such a King like you as a father. Your legacy lives in me and every single principle you teach me lives in my heart. You are such a meek human being and I swear I get my cool from you although you may think I am cooler than you and you say all of the time, “I want to die and come back as You.” YOU are the real deal. You are the reason why I move and strive the way I do, using my imagination and faith to create.

Thank you for loving me and thank you for selecting the best mother in the world to birth me as everyone should know behind every man, is a GREAT woman.

Daddy, you are my 💥 ACE BOOM KOOM 💥. And I thank the Creator for you.


💜Love & Light☀️,

A.k.a. “Honey Bunch”