I found a dynamic and dope Rwandan Artist, who paints these super textured, realer than life portraits of figures, iconic influencers and pop cultural subjects. He goes by Cesar (El’ Cesart) and not only does he paint, but he is a photographer and part-time guitar player too 🎸.

This King’s work is so captivating and so surreal that you actually feel like you are looking at a photo of the actual person. His sense of color and detail when it comes to re-creating a figure’s face, capturing their raw features and authentic flare, is absolutely compelling and mind-boggling. It reminds me that Art is such a wonder of magic. Whatever happens in the Artist’s mind that translates through his paint brush into the canvas is a world of Art in and of itself.

Check out Cesart and allow yourself to get lost and dazzled as you feast your eyes on his gift.

💜Love & Light☀️,