I am a social entrepreneur and the globe is my office. Consequently, quite naturally, I find myself always on a plane. And in a world where globalization is more prevalent than ever before, who can blame me. However, flying all of the time can be very hard on the body in a myriad of ways. One reality I noticed was that my skin would become incredibly dry and malnourished which is why when I discovered these Korean face masks, my little heART skipped for JOY.

Korean masks, also known as sheet masks, are cotton masks that have been soaked in powerful ingredients that rejuvenate your skin. Pure magic, these 3 layers of freshly squeezed juice from plants, vitamins and other natural ingredients, are infused into the skin and deliver noticeable results in a slight period of time of 20 minutes. Free of animal ingredients, mineral oil, perfume, and colorants, Korean masks will brighten and nourish your skin brilliantly without compromise.

So, from now on when I travel for more than two hours, I bring out my beauty arsenal and within that arsenal, you better bet your bottom dollar that I will have my Korean face masks with me.

💜Love & Light☀,