SO, I am a juicing fanatic, especially in the beginning of the year after holiday feasting and time to really reflect and set some new intentions for myself to explore. There is no better way to reset your digestive system and regain mental clarity and balance.

A new element that I have been adding into my juice cleanses is Bone Broth, generally made with bones and cartilage and sometimes a little meat. Bones are roasted first (especially for beef bone broth) to improve flavor and then simmered for a long period of time (at least 24 hours) in a crockpot or on the stovetop, creating a dense broth with a plethora of minerals, collagen, gelatin and other good ingredients for our bodies.

My favorite bone Broth at present is Bison. Savory and soothing, it gives you just what you need during your fast and adds to your gut health and ability to absorb trace minerals. If you are juicing now or plan to in the future, be sure to incorporate bone broth into your routine to elevate your entire cleansing experience. And if you are not juicing, no worries as you can still incorporate it into your lifestyle through cooking (rice, veggies, etc) with the bone broth you prefer or even consuming the broth as is for breakfast as a tea. I love to add cayenne pepper to mine as an additional anti-inflammatory boost.

Check out some more health benefits to consuming bone broth below as you continue to create a better and healthier You day by day! And if you are ever in Los Angeles, CA stop by Kreation and pick up some of the best Bison Bone broth in town!

Health Benefits:

  • A great source of minerals from bone broth which are easily absorbed by the body
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Phosphorous
    • Trace minerals
  • Fats in bone broth can help restore gut health which will help with absorption of minerals.
  • A great source of gelatin and collagen
    • helps support connective tissue
    • helps hair and nails grow well and strong
    • can help heal the gut.
    • helps keep joints healthy
    • want even more gelatin?  Add chicken or calves feet to your broth.  Ask your farmer or butcher!
  • Used to treat adrenal fatigue
  • A great source of the amino acids glycine and proline.
    • Proline is essential to the structure of collagen and is necessary for healthy bones, skin, ligaments and tendons.
    • Glycine helps detoxify the liver and is necessary for the body to produce the powerful antioxidant, Glutathione.  Glycine also helps promote muscle repair and growth.

💜Love & Light☀️,