SO, apparently an old process called “sensory deprivation” or “isolation” therapy has reappeared in the form of “flotation therapy” (“Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique,” or floating-REST), which from my understanding and research is more appealing. You may be wondering what in the world is “float therapy”. If you are, let me introduce you to the experience.

Imagine floating in up to 1,300 pounds of Epsom Salt in 2,600 gallons of water (set to your human temperature) with groovy LED lights to compliment everything in your own personalized isolation tank, where you can float your stress away as you gently suspend and return to the comforting fetus environment before you left your mother’s womb for anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours. With your own personal shower and if the place is plush toiletries and bath robe, you are set up for a magical experience of letting go and being free as you strip to your naked skin (recommended) for the full effect. Guided meditations, a LED light show and even cafe are also provided at various float centers.

By diminishing all sights, sounds, smells and touch, many ailments are able to be soothed at worse and healed at best. Some of the benefits include: relief from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addiction and even insomnia cures. Overall, “positive effects impact physiology, including lowering levels of cortisol, lowering blood pressure, and promoting positive feelings of well-being. Studies show that increased mindfulness and decreased stress during float session reduce markers of bodily distress syndrome (BDS).” “Floating” is also known to increase creativity also. And one of the best truths yet, some say you absolutely feel like an astronaut while floating.

And you may believe this phenomenon is new, but it has actually been around since the 1950s and the 1970s (Europe). If you live in LA, please find the below float centers with prices and contact information.

Just Float, in Pasadena. $60 per hourlong float.

💙Float Lab, in Venice and Westwood. $40 for a two-hour float.

💜Float Clinic, in Torrance. $45 for a 90-minute float, done in total darkness.

💚Nova Center, in Woodland Hills. $99 for 90 minutes. You can float to various light patterns, or total darkness. Floaters also listen to a guided meditation.

💛Newport Float Therapy, in Costa Mesa. First-time float special is $59 for 90 minutes.

💜Love & Light☀️,