Have you ever met a cool, calm and collected swagged out individual that was so unassuming that you instantly new was a BOSS? Well, that was my experience with music business mogul, visual Artist and now dynamic sister and friend of mine, Miss Leslie Rosales. Native to these LA streets, Rosales is the type that you would never see coming even though she is sure to have been in incessant amount of rooms with you before if you have anything to do with Hip Hop music on a significant level. With a background in promotions and an impeccable work ethic starting at the age of 15 with the Coca-Cola promotional street team (now 212 Enterprises), Rosales redefines the word HUSTLE.  This visual Artist is just not an Artist with the canvas, but yet, she is an Artist of life.

Humble, affable, driven and not much about the hype, it is no wonder why Hip Hop icon, Nas, swooped her up as his business confidant and day-to-day manager, where she was able to travel the world and thrive for a series of years, managing his life and business pursuits. Rosales made such an impression that Nas’ manager,  Anthony Saleh, took note and offered her an oppoortunity to manage other Artists on their roster.

And as if the accolades could not rack up anymore, after being encouraged to paint by Nas himself, Rosales has now picked up a third gift. Just last Sunday, she had her third Art Show, entitled III, where one of the visual Artists she selected to feature was none other than Destiny (Nas’ daughter). Understanding the importance of extending the olive branch that was once extended to her, Rosales prides herself on being able to allow other up and coming Artists to shine on her platform as well.
I truly love and admire Rosales’ effortless ability to reinvent herself without anyone really knowing. With her, it’s an inside job; nothing that needs a public announcement like so many others out here in LA LA Land. But I guess that is why the natives call Hollywood, “HOLLY-WEIRD”. Nonetheless, you may catch my girl with a cuban cigar in Cuba and some expensive Cognac served on Ni or playing a leading role in #HashtagLunchbag as she is a servant at heart, but you will never catch my girl slipping in any sense of the word. Nah, her poker face will never allow you to do that. She has an ease as she transitions and makes major moves in her life and she has a keen ability to focus on what matters most.
Miss Rosales is planted and solid as a rock when it comes to being a high caliber human being and I feel super blessed to know her and even more blessed to support her in everything she decides to do. Why? Because, it’s Leslie Rosales of course: THE ONE AND ONLY!
So on this T.G.I.F., take a minute to check out some of Rosales’ artwork. Her vibrant pieces capture her essence and give you a glimpse of one of the most beautiful souls I know.
Leslie, congratulations on being a phenomenal woman and for pursuing your dreams fearlessly. You are a rare soul that glows in the dark.
You, my dear, get the heART of cool STAMP!
💜Love & Light🌞,