OMG things are really getting stranger as as we go!

Netflix released they will be airing a commercial for STRANGER THINGS: Season 2 and the fans are going wild, including  myself. STRANGER THINGS is a Netflix original series that has taken the Netflix name to new depths! The series is a fresh new series that has a story line that reminds you of classic films like THE SANDLOT, GOONIES, GOOSEBUMPS and all those other 80’s films that kept our attention.

A photo was released yesterday of the amazing kid cast that included Caten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhara and Caleb McLaughin all dressed as the Ghostbusters!!! It is said that this season will be a tribute to the Ghostbusters which is such a cool concept. If you have not seen the show let me tell you that these kids are incredible actors! They take you on a journey not only with their talents but with their hearts. It is clear when they head out into the world, they are fearless. This is what I saw on the Red Carpet during award season.

Netflix also decided to take things up a notch by having the commercial for the series run during the Superbowl!  Yes, that’s right folks, while you are enjoying Sunday football you will also get a sneak peak of what’s in store for season 2! This was such a big move from the Netflix brand and I cannot wait to see not only the trailer, but what they do next!

Stay Tuned!

Signing Off!