Well, of course it’s that time again! You know when all the new concepts start rolling in.

This week’s moment is surrounded by the Mercedes Benz F125! This car is totally hot and that is all I can say. The concept is on a whole other level. Mercedes wanted to highlight the anniversary edition concept to see just what raving reviews it would get and here’s a bit of what I was able to come up with.

The car will actually be named the F125!  The F stands for forschungsfahrze. Now I am not sure how many of us can actually pronounce that, but I do know it stands for experimental car and the numbers reference the 125th anniversary of the luxury brand. This was quite clever in my opinion!

This car is not set to hit until 2025, which is always just A projection as we never really know with these things. What I can say is the electrically driven beauty is a full size luxury sedan with the range of a diesel  and it is just two model cycles away from the newly released S Class. I am not sure if many know about the S, but it is literally my favourite version of the Benz.

I hope this stays in the cooker long enough to actually become a reality, but only time will tell! Until 2025…..

Signing Off!