Having friends that are out of the box thinkers and social entrepreneurial is a huge plus. WHY? Well, because they hip you up to some modern ingenuity and cool innovations that introduce you to new and improved ways of living that 99.9% of the people on this planet would never gear towards at first. So, hats off to my dear friend, Sal Williams, who is finishing up his classes at Fortune Weavers Real Estate School. Sal introduced me to the concept of cargo container architecture. BOTTOM LINE, I think I just may decide to live in one. Perhaps, the heART of cool office when it makes sense to set up shop, could be in a shipping container too ?

I do realize that at first the idea of living in a container could seem a little out of touch with reality in this world we live in. I mean who ever thought that the containers that you see on huge cargo ships in movies, could actually be a lovely and quaint abode or even a mansion. However, at the same time, who wants to spend the extra $300,000 that the average home price has risen to in these past few years.

After doing some research and seeing how creative and beautiful some of the shipping container homes are and how economical (relative) they are in comparison to buying some lofty and trite house in the Hollywood Hills; I am actually digging the entire movement. Shipping container homes are sustainable, eco-friendly and lend some cool perks that allow you to add some nifty dynamics with solar energy. I am still at the beginning of my research; and trust me, I will do my due diligence in this process to figure out all of the nooks, bells and whistles that come with this type of living. However, so far, from what I have found cargo container architecture is looking like a solid and viable option here.

THINGS TO REMEMBER: one must be highly selective with the contractor that you higher to construct and dress the inside of the shipping container home. People tend to agree that using the same contractor or minimal contractors, is the best way one should execute the project. Climate, fire regulations, building codes, building permits are all vastly different depending upon where you are in the world, so you most definitely want to ensure that you are well aware of the various regulations and environmental factors that will impact the building of your new home. And, yes, you may want to think about the best options for the proper insulation that will provide agreeable temperatures as well as the best paint to use based upon your environmental climate.

Take a look at some of my favourite container homes and ask yourself, do you think you could live in a shipping container? I know I could. In fact, I am thinking about my wicked interior decorating ideas already. All I have to do is find the land and build a whopping 1.5 million crib for 100K. Sounds very tempting to me.

For more information on building shipping container homes, click here.

💜Love & Light🌞,