Hip- hip hooray is literally all I could say watching the opening ceremony for the OLYMPICS. The segment opened full of life and color as we know Brazilians to be with a touch of some of the most beautiful people you can think of. Coming straight off the aerial handy cam were aerial shots of the whole arena, an arena built just for a moment in history such as this. The fans were jovial and full of love. You could tell there was pure excitement in the air and it was literally the most beautiful thing the world witnessed in quite some time.


I think what I found most exciting was the Westside Story themed dance column that was happening in these boxes filled with people. And let’s not forget about the oversized peace sign that was placed at the top of the structure. It was absolutely stunning!


Now in the midst of all this, I found myself enjoying the thought of knowing so many jobs were created for these people so thay they can have a new and better lifestyle also. I belieive this is what was needed for the country to start with.


I remember my first time being in RIO, I had no clue of the issues that existed there and I called myself giving money to a homeless kid in good faith; or what I thought was a homeless kid, and they literally came from everywhere. After that, all I can remember hearing was our security guard saying get my hands back in the car before I loose them. He also proceeded to tell me that A move like that was entirely too dangerous and I was putting the entire tribe at risk. Now the kicker is that these kids were literally between the age of 7-12 years old, so I had no inclination that this was something I should not be doing until it was literally already happening.


The tables have turned and we have helped them climb the ladder in so many ways it could have only happen on such a large scale with a brand like the OLYMPICS involved. This year will be a year to remember for the OLYMPICS brand and this has to be fact because I was at the OLYMPICS 4 years ago and I did not see a production put on like the one from last night. If you did not get a chance to see it, please be sure to take a look at the live feed links that some networks have provided and let’s get ready for the 2016 OLYMPICS IN RIO.

Signing Off!