Vibrant, magical and inspired by greats such as Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and Kaws, this week’s HoC Artist, Williams Chechet, is yet another dynamic graphic designer who earned the title illustrator and muralist.

This Young King creates Art with a divine purpose. In an interview with CNN he shares how he “wants to immortalize renowned Nigerians that have helped built the nation through the use of pop Art.”  Most famous for his series, ‘We Are The North’, Chechet throws his talent into modern pop culture, his vehicle for critiquing traditional fine art values.


Originally from Nigeria, Chechet is a warrior and conqueror who has proven that rising above challenges is part of the territory when building a career as an Artist. Whether he is balancing both the business and creative sides of the art world, accessing scarce resources in his homeland or finding the right price tag for art buyers in an unpredictable market, Chechet puts in the hard work that would deter a less tenacious artist. Naturally the bold, saturated colors and sharp lines endemic to pop art drew the attention of more than a few mega global brands. If you ever find yourself in Nigeria, you will find one of his masterpieces on walls of the Hard Rock Cafe.

Keep a look out for this post-pop artist with hints of Afro-futurism as he continues to develop his craft and put his soul on display. His vivid and colorful depictions are cool, progressive and sharp critiques of “high” culture. Not to mention the subjects in the creative works have a mean sunglasses game.

William Chechet, you get the heART of Cool STAMP!

💜Love & Light☀️,