So, I was going to select someone else other than Kendrick Lamar for our heART of Cool Music Mondays this week, but I totally changed my mind. Why, well – I always have been a huge proponent of giving credit where credit is due and with Lamar surpassing Drake “for the best opening sales week in 2017” with the recent drop of DAMN, we could all agree that this fact deserves a highlighted mention. Additionally, there is no other song that has my attention the way “DNA” does and there is no other Artist that has a compelling reason for why I should entertain what he or she has to say at this particular time in history and the evolution of humankind. Kendrick Lamar has successfully achieved a mainstream sound without compromising his lyrical content. And the fact of the matter is that more than ever, THE MESSAGE is the most vital part of music. It is important to understand who we are, what we believe in and how we are going to be loyal to that which resonates at the very core of our being – what I like to call soul. And Lamar is enlightened and tapped into Source from which his soul has come from despite the trickery and road blocks the entertainment industry are surely to bring. POWERFUL.

It is our identity that navigates the shells of our souls – our bodies – while on earth. And in a world where so much of what we believe in initially is downloaded into our mental program without our approval as opposed to us discovering our ability to form our own beliefs, now more than ever is the perfect time to conduct some exploratory and critical thinking juxtaposed with research about our ancestors to put a strong foot forward in demystifying historical illusions at best and outright lies at worse.

Check out, “DNA”, which was produced by Mike Will (same producer for “Humble”) and tell me what spirit the musical selection evokes within you. And remember, you got ROYALTY & LOYALTY in your DNA, but it is up to you to find it and fully express it as you come into fruition with your highest self.

💜Love & Light☀️,