Jeremy Scott celebrated his 10 year anniversary Coachella Valley Arts & Music Festival party last Saturday and of course I was there to salute his vision, socialize, experience the magnetic energy whisking throughout the dust particles in Coachella Valley and partake in some of the most flavorful party favors ever (which my favorite ended up being his Candy Crush slide, hands down).

In honor of his most recent Candy Crush capsule collection with Moschino, Jeremy summoned the Candy Kingdom to come to life in Coachella Valley with a mobile game Candy Crush to go along with it. The event was designed, produced and managed by Experiential Agency.

Adorned with supersize lollipops and signs that said DELICIOUS, SWEET & TASTY, he quite brilliantly created a pleasant nostalgic feeling of euphoria that reminded us of the 80s game CANDY LAND.

The magical and sweet candy land was intimate and flossy at the same time. The main stage was accompanied by delectable bites and comfy and playful seating arrangements in the grass. Of course his besty, Katy Perry, was also in the house to celebrate her friend as she prepared for her own celebratory brunch on Sunday, promoting a line that she had recently launched also.

It was an all night rage for sure that a few celebs like Kylie Jenner, Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart and Emily Ratajkowski decided to pull up and hop out on just in time for some D.R.A.M., Lil Uzi & Lil Yachty shenanigans, which were video streamed via TIDAL.

The DJs that performed were Mazurbate, Mia Moretti, The Misshapes and Busy P, aka Pedro Winter. Needless to say, the music was pumping ALL NIGHT AND MORNING LONG!

Jeremy has been going to Coachella since Bjork performed in 2002 and he has been faithful to the symbiotic relationship that he has cultivated between fashion and music. It was an honor to be a part of his commemoration as he is definitely a visionary I look up to. And here at heART of cool, we are all about the intersection and the symbiotic nature that exists between all art forms. We also are all about maintaining our individual sovereignty as Artists. With Jeremy’s 20 year anniversary as an independent designer coming up in NYC September 20th, we appreciate the commitment that he has demonstrated all of these years to his vision and his ability to execute that vision by creating partnerships that are in total alignment with who he is as a human being and what he believes in. This is a motto for us all; whether you consider yourself an Artist or not.

Jeremy Scott, your Candy Crush Land definitely got the heART of Cool STAMP.

Thanks for the invite and more importantly, thanks for being such an incredible and authentic human being.

💜Love & Light☀️,