A group of writers, graphic designers, fine Artists and web designers who once worked in corporate America as attorneys, sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and educators; took their personal understanding of what an Artist needs to promote their work coupled with the awareness of the resources and skills necessary to thrive within the marketplace to create a revolutionary movement that in many ways embody the spirit of heART of Cool.  These trailblazers, together, created a boutique agency in 2011 with a network of 4,000 international Artists that receive administrative, marketing and technical support to shine within today’s market by creating an audience for their Art while accessing the tools necessary for long term success.

The roster of Artists that they work with are brilliantly paired up with various galleries that need a steady stream of marketable Artists in addition to the promotion of their gallery as well as general operational streaming.

Whether it is helping Artists sell their artwork and gain exposure or assisting galleries with Business services that actually grow their business and engage their potential Art buyers, Fearless Artist Media has created a turnkey operation that proves to be mutually beneficial for both Art makers and Art buyers. And when you service a need, the universe organically rewards you, which is why it is no surprise that Fearless Art Media will be present in full IMPACT this year at Art BASEL Hong Kong.

Congratulations to a movement of Artists that understand the importance of supporting, protecting and growing the Art community in non conventional ways.

💜Love & Light☀,