Poignant, suspenseful and techno paranoia at its best with a satirical twist: Black Mirror, is a mind-altering British science fiction anthology television series on Netflix by Charlie Brooker, with Brooker and Annabel Jones serving as the program show runners. “A Twilight Zone” of sorts, where stand-alone episodic dramas explore the collective unease about the unknown impact of the technologically modern world.

The unanticipated consequences that come from humans abusing technology is clearly defined in each episode with their own unique characters. And it’s almost too brutal to be true at times. A TV series, where I still have yet to find a classic happy ending, this TV series really holds no bars about the message it carries about the aftermath of humanity depending on technology. And it’s brilliant.

Technology was created to be a blessing and add value to the HUMAN EXPERIENCE. However, it was not created to replace humanity, decreasing our memory capacity, ability to connect to other human beings and stay mindful, truly present and aware to all the beauty that exists within us and therefore reflects all around us also on planet earth.

Check out the trailer and be sure to catch this sensation on Netflix. If we are more mindful about how our habits could impact us negatively, perhaps we will not repeat the same mistakes🙌

💜Love & Light☀,