Let me tell you about Tokyo based visual Artist and fashion designer, Jay Shogo. Well, in short he is 👊THE MAN👊 and he is 🙌THE MASTER🙌. Of what you may ask? Well, of living in color of course. He has mastered the Art of authentic living and gracious loving and abundant serving. One man whom I have met who I think author of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, Don Miguel Ruiz, would agree has effortlessly figured out how to master the following:






Such a humble and giving spirit within that cool, calm and collected avatar of his. He wears the glasses and vests and shirts, he creates. And his skinny jeans always have splotches of his signature paint on them, leaving proof of the hours of painting and teaching he has shared that day. A faithful worker of the gifts God has given him, Jay Shogos’s weeks are always busy mastering his craft and mastering his artistic ninja understanding of operating on the planet in love and in gratitude.

I call him the quiet ninja storm. He is not boastful and sees no need to run down the list of brands that support him from Suntory Whiskey to air Bnb. He just paints his peace signs and flower characters along with his affirmations and 🙏GIVES THANKS🙏 for the freedom he has found. And, in fact, he possesses this warrior like spirit also cause he shares his gifts guerilla style as the Japanese traditional culture is still warming up to seeing the artistic value of graffiti and celebrating it as Art on their street walls. Yet, Shogo is pushing the envelope and leaving his mark all over Tokyo. And not in a egregious self- proclaiming manner either, but in a way that uplifts others, not just himself. In fact, as part of his partnership with Air Bnb, Shogo takes one week out of every month and teaches others how to express themselves creatively by way of his craft.

I have never met such a beautiful and unassuming Artist. And I just don’t know him as a gnarly graffiti  star⭐️ either. I know him as family and friend; for while here in Tokyo, he took care of the heART of cool family like royalty and he and his boss business partner invited us into his studio and cooked Shabu Shabu.

So check out some of my brother’s latest work and get ready for Art Basel 2017 because we are coming through with the heART of C😎😎L Little Tokyo


💜Love & Light☀️,