If you thought last week’s Japanese music featured Artist, Perfume, was innovative, you are going to find this one down right mind blowing. Yep, get ready to get your socks blown off as you allow your mind to grasp sheer, raw and boundless creativity. Tapping into a magical and whimsical Harajuku Alice & Wonderland spirit, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (born Takemura Kiriko) holds no bars when it comes to representing her Harajuku fashion and culture with pride. Not only is Pamyu known as a singer, but she is also known as a fashion model, representing Japan’s Kawaisa and decora culture centered around Harajuku.

The music Pamyu makes has an Japanese pop and EDM feel to it. Produced by music producer Yasutaka Nakata, a member of an electronic music duo, Capsule, it is quite easy to understand all of the electro pop references.

Most known for her single that made Japanese top 10, “PonPonPon”, this pop diva has been focused in her creative pursuits, completing three full albums (Pamyu Pamyu Revolution -2012, Nanda Collection – 2013, Pika Pika Fantajin – 2014) since the release of two more singles in 2012 entitled, “Candy Candy” 🍭 and “Fashion Monster”. They call her “The Harajuku Princess”, and when you check out these two videos you will know EXACTLY why.

Colossally known in Japan, but has garnered some attention in the Western Countries through internet videos and her distribution with Sire Records, Pamyu is a true inspiration who is young and fearless when it comes to her craft. So check out this beautiful Harajuku bright STAR, known as Japan’s Lady Gaga, and allow her music videos, “Harajuku Iyahoi & Easta” transport to a whole new word.

💜Love & Light☀️,