Born in 1794 in Osaka, Japan, the provocative and pensive Artist, Madsaki, holds no punches when it comes to taking what he observes in society from a unique perspective, reinterpreting it and then reconstructing it in a way that translates into his artwork. A man of deep perspective and a global mindset, Marsaki graduated from Parsons School of Design. While young, Madsaki moved to NYC from Osaka and upon graduation from Parsons, he worked for the Barnstormers artist group before he started his solo career between Tokyo and New York. Madsaki captures a plethora of styles when it comes to expressing his artistic abilities from detailed drawings to spray painted masterpieces and large installations. It is clear that you cannot put this Artist and creative heart in a box.

I have an affection and admiration for Madsaki because of his revolutionary spirit and his ability to challenge the stereotypical values of various systems we encounter on a daily basis. By sharing the way he sees the world, he pushes those who view his work to ask questions moving towards individual sovereignty and freedom from being controlled by societies norms. Art is truly a vehicle for social change and progress and Madsaki embraces this truth effortlessly. Recently Madsaki has decided to push the envelope even more by dramatically changing his style to focus on provocative words and phrases and images.

Just last week on May 19th, he debuted his solo exhibition entitled, “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” at the Kai Kai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. His subject used was his wife. The eroticism and Japanese background is said to have never been seen in his work. And when you think about how reserved the Japanese can be, his decision to express his Art in this manner is rather bold and courageous. With this new form of expression, attained fine Art, “where he depicts his own personal life through an insight into the fleeting, transient nature of everyday life, and with a rebellious spirit at the same time.


Please take a moment to do further research on a creative visionary who understands the full meaning of our life being our art. The below message from Madsaki is tragically beautiful and deeply pensive.

Message From the artist:

I have always tried to transform my rugged feelings toward this fleeting world into slang and make paintings with those words. Or, I’ve barely managed to prove to myself that I am in this world by painting past masterpieces and celebrities with a spray can, and in doing so, spitting on the value of beauty I’ve gone through.

In most of these new works, I draw my wife. While drawing her in my studio, there were many times that I could not stop crying.


I want to believe that these feelings of love and strong connection will last for eternity. However, there is no eternity and one day it will come to a rattling collapse.

Probably a big earthquake will come. Probably a war will break out. Probably…our hearts will grow apart.

It will collapse.


Although tears are coming down as I draw my wife,

I replace the nozzle and spray on the color.

I curse my shitty self, spit on it, and spray on the color somehow. Somehow the color is sprayed, that’s all that I can do.