When I travel abroad to foreign lands, I love to dive in and soak up the culture. I resist the urge of wanting to find fellow Americans or eat the food that I am accustomed to eating in the States. I prefer to submerge myself in the lifestyle of where I am.

So for this HoC Music Mondays we are featuring Japanese pop group from Hiroshima, Prefecture by the name of Perfume. Signed to Amuse Inc. since 2003, and with Universal Music Group since 2012, these three talented women: Ayano Ōmoto (“Nocchi”), Yina Kashino (“Kashiyuka”) and Ayaka Nishiwaki (“A~chan”). They formed their band while attending Actors School Hiroshima and debuted their first single, “Omajinai Perori”, in 2002. A year later, they moved to Tokyo to work with Capsule’s producer, Yasutaka Nakata, got a major record deal with Tokuma Japan Communications releasing their major debut single, “Linear Motor Girl“. Three years after that they got their 7th single picked up by a NHK (2008) campaign and the rest is history.

Futuristic, fashion forward (Harajuku style), and one of the most creative videos I have seen in quite some time, I am pleasured and excited to share with you “Tokyo Girl”.  Shot out to my sister in Japan, Sae Johnson, who introduced me.

💜Love & Light☀️,