THE best way to live your life, is in COLOR! Now what exactly does that mean you may ask. Well, for me it means having the audacity and boldness to showcase just how beautiful and unique the Creator created you to be regardless of the environment. Often times in this world, you meet people’s representative instead of all of the idiosyncracies and beliefs that make them who they are. Sometimes it is because they want to appease others to appear likable; they do not want to stand out and be labeled as weird, which just means different or perhaps they never really took the time to get to know themselves.

Well, this week’s heART of Cool Art Tuesday feature is comfortable in the skin that she is in and incorporates all of the colors in the rainbow. Acrylic on canvas and wood are her mediums. Her subjects continuously change and her style evolves with her mood and perspective in real time. Miss Autumn Flyn is truly an Artist that is limitless and boundless and quite frankly, from the impact of her Art pieces, she does whatever moves and ignites her soul while loving every second of it. Yes, she earns the Artist crown because her Artistry is not limiited to when she is painting, she lives it and breathes it. She earns the right to be referred to as an Artist because she paints for her soul, not recognition.

Here at heART of cool, one of the realities that I love is that to be recognized on this platform, you do not need a lot of followers or awards. All we ask, is that you be authentic and cool.

Flynn is truly FREE and you see the depths and magic of that freedom when you look at her paintings. You can tell that this young talent does it for the love and therapy of creative expression. Drawing her inspiration from home decor, design and nature, Flynn takes on an eccentric style that is fluid and engaging and I am TOTALLY into it. WHY? Because she is authentically COOL!

Autumn Flynn, you get the heART of cool STAMP!

💜Love & Light🌞,