Greetings Dear One!

Welcome back to another divinely inspired reading. Today’s topic of discussion is of the dichotomy of light and darkness. In this focus, we are going to illuminate the shadow aspects of our self. As beings of light, we also have a dark side. This dark side is often referred to as our Shadow. The purpose of our shadow is to bring awareness to the parts of us that need resolution. These aspects are there for us to be revealed in the light.

Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin. One side is dark so that you can dive deeper within your self-awareness to gain insight from the stillness. The other side is illuminating so brightly so that you can see clearly and lead the way for others.  The dichotomy of light and darkness is a beautiful dance of contrasts, which is interweaved throughout all creation.

These shadow aspects of us can be elusive, always just out of our own sight. Our shadow is an aspect of our consciousness that we are not owning nor acknowledging. Since it is something we do not see, we often project it onto others. In this way, anything that you hate in others is a trait of your shadow self. The easiest way to discover the power that lies within your shadow is the make a list of all the things you hate in others. Bringing light to these areas will assist you in finding what it is in you that requires healing and acceptance. If you did this, you will surely begin to unlock the power within your being.

Sending you all love and healing on this day,
Kyle Polansky