It is always refreshing to stumble across a rare and vibrant talent in the exploding sea of creativity that this information age lends. In fact, I love discovering emerging artists before they blow up. It is a beautiful encounter. However, it is incredibly brilliant, miraculously magical and even more beautiful when you have the opportunity to recognize, celebrate and toast to a talented friend that you can call your very own.

So for this heART of cool Music Mondays, please allow me to introduce to you with distinct honor and pleasure one of our very own, a member and co-founder of the heART of cool movement, Miss Tasha Bouè or otherwise known for the purpose of this announcement as Le’Femme Bouè.  An incredible and gifted innovator, an opinionated personality, an ingenius stylist to the stars and a revolutionary human being 4 the PEOPLE ?, whose resilience allows her to rise above any setback life may throw her way.

Le’Femme Bouè is more than a rapper eventhough her bars are wicked and her flows effortlessly flow like a never ending river, making any track a banger. She is a COOL, trendsetting human being, who reaches for the stars with anything she pursues.

Yes, the rise of a female MC is brewing and you are about to witness the power that is unleashed when you stay committed to your dreams despite the naysayers. You are surely going to experience what you can achieve and accomplish with the support of the Creator and the people that truly rock with you; whether you are on the up or not because people that really rock with you, rock with you 4 you, through the thick and the thin.

Musically produced by the same gentleman who produced 3-6 Mafia’s Lolli Lolli, Super Power; directed by Out of Paris Films with the critically acclaimed splash of the one and only Ev Salomon of Zanmi Films; lyrically officiated by Le’Femme Bouè and officially and exclusively brought to you by heART of cool. Yep, that is correct! This is a heART of cool production. SO without further a due, I present to you “Fashion Problems” by Le’Femme Bouè.

Congratulations Tash and JOB WELL DONE! This is only the beginning!

💜Love & Light🌞,