“FRIENDS, how many of us have them?.?.? FRIENDS, ones you can depend on.” 

Brilliant question these days when it appears that loyalty is no longer royalty and when everyone seems to only know how to be self-absorbed in selfies and insta-priorities. I mean, how many people truly lay down their lives for their friends? How many people know the true meaning of service and unconditional love? And how many people keep relationships that last practically an entire lifetime?

Well, I am blessed to call a young Knight, my friend. A King in his own right, heir to the thrown of GREATNESS & transcendence in human form. From the dirty south of Florida and the collegiate streets of the intellectually illustrious Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA; Lord Wayne Taylor, is a one of a kind swagged out trailblazer, who settles for nothing less than the best, whether he understands it or not because it is just in his nature. What do they say…… Oh, yes, cream rises to the top EVERY SINGLE TIME. Well, Lord Taylor is definitely the cream in any situation. Ask anyone on Wallstreet or Bank of America that has had the pleasure to brush arms with him. I am sure they will tell you all about it. And, oh is he dapper. I mean his tailoring game is so mean you would think that he invented the word as his last name is Taylor ?.

There are not enough words to express how much I love Wayne. He is beautiful and handsome, inside and out. And he is a true gentleman, as genteel as they come these days. But above all, he is my friend through thick and thin and I will love him for life.

Lord Wayne Taylor, today is your born day. The day that over three decades ago, God breathed new life into you and crowned you as a Prince, developing into a King. May you realize that your heart’s desires are within your reach always and may you know deep down, that you are the gift and YOU are more than enough. As you step more and more into your destiny, there will be ups and downs, but know that I will always be here for you, championing you along the way.

Happy Born Day! I love you with all of my heart. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! 

💜Love & Light🌞,