Well, of course we have all heard about the HBO TV series, INSECURE; and if you haven’t, this time won’t be your last time and that’s for sure!

It all came and left so fast this INSECURE thing. It felt like a tornado or some sort of time warp in my opinion! It was like I heard about a new show from a few people; and it went from me hearing about it to having to set the DVR to make sure I didn’t miss it. Now I know this sounds pretty cliche, but to someone like myself who really doesn’t consume too much programming this had to be addressed!

Issa Rae, who is known as the Akward Black Girl who created a genius show called INSECURE, is well on her way. As I watched this show, I had sooo many things that ran trough my mind it was literally crazy! The issues that Issa addresses on this show are very prominent in the African American community in more ways than one. This is the formula I believed caught the studios by surprise.

We do not have many television shows that truly emulate the culture, especially for BLACK WOMEN in a good light. With shows like LOVE AND HIP HOP, and HOLLYWOOD HUSBANDS leading in ranking, you would almost wonder how Issa pulled this off. Well, after watching the full season, pilot included, I realized authenticity will win every time. And this, my friends, is what landed her one of the earliest GOLDEN GLOBE n1ods since 1985.

This past Monday (Dec. 12th), the GLOBES announced their line up a week ago and it has been ground breaking ever since, Issa Rae was nominated for BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES- MUSICAL OR COMEDY. Now what’s crazy is every other name in this category are ALL household names on shows that are at least going into their second season; from RACHEL BLOOM to TRACEE ELLIS ROSS, this is one strong line up! This is one of the biggest things to happen this year in television and it happened in the 11th hour. At the end of the year, not too much happens in this industry besides the GLOBE announcements.

Before concluding, another mention as it relates to INSECURE is the ferocious scoring that accompanies the hit TV Show. Now I have been reading lots of articles about the soundtrack because I thought it was Issa rapping, which was for sure enough to have me take a seat. However, when I learned this bit of information it made me a fan! Issa Rae, hand selects all the artists that are complied on the INSECURE soundtrack. And to anyone who did not have a chance to take a peek at the show to hear that one song that caused a major uproar, BROKEN PU$$*, well you should at least know that it was performed by Ms.Issa Rae AND the lovely KELIS!

Yes, that is correct ladies and gentz, KELIS, who has been on the HEART OF COOL radar for quite some time has her hands in quite a few things we see. Issa also gathered up a few other names we may be familiar with from PROBLEM, who is an LA native to the talented INTERNET. So many cool kids in one place, which could only be done by someone who really gets it and that’s the INSECURE AKWARD BLACK GIRL……..


Signing Off