This year the season of giving thanks was pretty awesome for us here at heARTofCOOL !

We decided to put together our very own Vegan Thanksgiving campaign. The inspiration came from our meeting with Vegan Rapper Grey. Not only were we hugely impressed by his passion and pride in his vegan choices. But we think he’s a dope rapper too.

One of his videos rhyming about Vegans on Thanksgiving impressed us so much we decided to partner with him and collaborate on his amazing vision. Taking it to the next level for him.

So our massive Thanksgiving campaign was born to take the smash hit Viral globally, that  can be seen on YouTube with over 100,000 views of the various video versions so far.

The music video is a homage to everything vegan. It showcases just how vegans can have a delicious Thanksgiving. despite the distinct lack of meat and dairy on their tables 🙂

It’s funny, truthful & real all at the same time and may just make those haters think twice before they mock any vegans:

Things started to heat up in the kitchen when none other than fashionista and popstar Ellie Goulding promoted the campaign on Instagram. Sharing the video to over 12.8 Million followers attracting 478,000 views and 3815 positive comments, massive engagement from the fans !

Not only can you share the  music video with your friends, but you can also check out our Happy ThanksVegan t-shirts, for when you’re planning your next vegan dinner or just supporting the cause, wear them with pride people !

We hope that whether you are a vegan or not, you had a great Thanksgiving and you’re looking forward to continuing the Holiday season. Remember that the best gift you can give is Love & Light !


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