Whats up everyone!

Lately sneakers have been getting more and more hyped. Conventions all over the world are happening, where crowds of people meet to buy, sell and just look at sneakers! Youtubers have full time jobs with their channels and make a good living by making videos about sneakers and reviewing them, like Qias Omar , whose subscriber count increased greatly over the past year. And the amount of people collecting sneakers has expanded like crazy! These people call themselves “sneakerheads” and I interviewed some of them to find out if it’s just about the hype for them or if they actually appreciate the art and story behind these shoes.


HoC: What got you interested in sneakers? What triggered your love for them?

Berk S: “I got interested in sneaks because I looked at them in many different ways. Each sneaker for me has a different vibe and feeling and that just got me really interested”

Oliver B: “I started being interested in sneakers at the beginning of 2016. I love collecting things.”

Berge S: “What got me interested in sneakers is that each shoe has a different story behind the shoe. I love shoes because I get inspired to do different things by maybe how a shoe looks, the colors it has and maybe they help find yourself or what you want to do through wearing various pairs.”

Julian B: “2 years ago I heard about Jordans and really wanted a pair, so my mom got me my first pair for Christmas, the Jordan 6 Maroon. And that’s when I started to spend more time learning about sneakers. “

HoC: Do you believe that these shoes can be considered and art or are they just a possession (like money is)? Or both? And why?

Oliver B: Of course shoes are art. They have a design process.”

Julian B: “I think a lot of people have a different opinion on this. Some just get addicted to collecting them, while others appreciate the choice of color, the details and the quality. So yes and no. Personally, I believe that sneakers can be viewed as art.

HoC: Do you follow the hype? Does a shoe seem more appealing to you if everyone wants it? Why?

Julian B: “Of course. It is a cool feeling when you’re walking down the street and everyone stares at your shoes, but I would never buy a shoe that is hyped and I dislike.”

Berk S: “I personally do not follow the hype. I get sneakers because I like the way they look, the feeling, the smell, the material. Maybe someone would say ‘ohhhh my god u have so many hyped shoes’, but no, I think I don’t. The hype is not appealing to me it’s just I buy the shoes I like. For example if I would buy Gucci sneaks, I would buy them because I like them not because they are Gucci bro.”

Oliver B: “I am a hype beast and I want to be a hype beast.”

Berge S: “I mean, I don’t really follow the hype. I have a few shoes that are considered hyped but I just bought them because I liked the way they are. Before I buy a shoe I don’t think about how many other people own it but I think about if I actually like them myself.”

HoC: What do you think about different artists that are starting to make shoes like Kanye and Rihanna?         

Berk S: “I find it cool how all the artists are displaying their creativeness through sneakers. Like they are doing their own thing and that’s why they are so cool. There is a lot of hype with the Yeezys and shit but that’s just because it’s Kanye they all just think about Kanye not about the actual shoe. Like if the shoe is cool and Kanye created it then that’s super cool but don’t go for the hype.”

Julian B: “I really like that, because through these artists that are creating sneakers, new ideas are brought into the sneaker community. For example, if Louis Vuitton hadn’t worked with Kanye, they would have never brought out a sneaker as crazy and dope as the ‘Jaspers’ that he did with Louis Vuitton. Just sadly, because these shoes then get so hyped, a lot of replicas/fake are being made and that kinda ruins it.

HoC: Do you pay attention to the story behind sneakers? For example Michael Jordan puts a lot of work and attention behind his shoes. Each one has a specific inspiration behind it. Do you care about these stories and do they affect the shoe for you?

Julian B: Yea sometimes, especially with Jordans because they often have a story behind them.”

Oliver B: “I love how Jordan has specific names for his sneakers which are based of events such as shattered backboard which are amazing sneakers.”

Berge S: “I mean Jordans are sick. A lot of Jordan’s have a story behind them and thinking of what happened in the story is just amazing for me. I like how a lot of shoes have stories behind them.”

So there you guys have it. The views on this subject really differ and you can get millions of different answers and opinions. Although, personally I use shoes as a form of expression and consider them a type of art (just on a small canvas), but I have to admit that I do fall for the hype sometimes and the little hypebeast in me comes out every now and then. There are endless possibilities with sneakers, often websites like Nike.com or Adidas.com even let you customize your own pair and there are plently of customizers that individualize sneakers and add a different touch to them! Doesn’t that sound just like art? Also, actual visual arts and the sneaker culture are emerging. Check out this cool piece that I saw at an art fair in Cologne:

Anyways, I hope you guys are having a great day!