Gilda Garza’s Story: Being Surrounded With Art As An Opportunity To Reach Success

There are only a few artists who are able to demonstrate their passion through art and grow with it as individuals. One of them is Gilda Garza, a Mexican-born painter who has been living and breathing art since she was a kid. Inspired by the steps of her grandmother who were painters as well, she was surrounded with the love of art since her first baby steps.


How Can Art Grow Inside An Individual And Redevelop Over The Years

It’s true that art makes artists grow and develop if ‘consumed’ over a longer period. Gilda Garza is a clear proof of that. As she said in an interview with us recently, her mother and grandmother helped her visualize the world through painting and see art on a different level. The inspiration from her childhood, teenage years, friends and family all combined into an artistic experience that now influences a lot of kids ready to step into the painting world and establish themselves as painters.


Gilda Garza has a quite different sparkle when it comes to art. For her, inspiration can come from different sources – and her personal one comes from strong and beautiful women who can manage to have everything at their feet with only one look. Without the need of accenting the feminine approach, Gilda is sure that the interior beauty is always more important than the exterior one, regardless of the gender in place. Just because of that, every human being is special and as that, deserves the right to contribute to art whether as a painter or the subject of an art piece.

The Steps To Becoming An Art Authority & The Chance To Host A Public Art Show

Gilda’s inspiration transcended over the years. From galleries to exhibitions, she started to see art in a different way – and the world started seeing her as more than just a regular painter that paints awesome art. In a way, Gilda Garza became an authority when it comes to art in Miami, not only by selling her fascinating art but also with the way she inspires, provokes and tells her story.

The love for art and commitment to becoming the best painter in Miami has made Gilda Garza not only famous in the art scene, but also popular among the public audience. Her focus, dedication and excellence are what gave her the opportunity to host her own and very first show called True Love in the Art Basel in Miami. The show has received fantastic comments and the audience has loved it from the very start.


For Gilda Garza, every milestone was hard. However, her love for art, commitment, focus and inspiring advice to all beginners and professionals is what drove success to this point. And when it comes to the future, Gilda remains focused and dedicated to doing her very best – painting amazing pieces and continuing to inspire everyone around her.

Jane Owen