She was a RARE human being; as rare as the most beautiful and captivating species, in which nowadays when you look around almost seem to be extinct. She was PRECIOUS; as precious as the most unique and gorgeous diamond in the ruff someone could lay eyes ? on. A diamond so exquisite that only an unthinkable amount of pressure that the burdens and joys of life bare could bust her bonafide beauty wide open. She was POISED. A proud woman who knew her worth and place in the world. She possessed a COURAGEOUS and UNBREAKABLE spirit, much like her ancestors sold into slavery on auction blocks. Yes, she inherited this divine unwavering strength and astounding resilience that not only carried her, but carried everyone around her.

She was FEARLESS: a mother at a young age, who loved her only son and provided for him the best way she knew how without losing herself in that love and responsibility.

She was simply UNSTOPPABLE and journeyed from one adventure to another, from one performance to another, from one continent to another, sharing her gifts, her tragedies, her wisdom, her magic, her pain, her joy and her starkly unconventional beauty that truly was an energy to behold.

CIRCA 1970: Photo of Maya Angelou Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images



She LOVED with no limits or boundaries of any kind in one of the most racially charged times in America. She was PROGRESSIVE, demystifying this societal notion that a woman should only be married to one man during her lifetime. For she married a few good men that taught her invaluable lessons about love and life for their respective individual seasons. And in the midst of all of her love spells, she never missed a beat because she knew the importance of self-love and dignity and worth. She let nothing get in the way of her Art and legacy. She was a SINGER. She was a DANCER. She was a WRITER. She was an ORATOR. She was a GRIOT.

She was elegantly fluid and had reached a level of alignment, where she lived her life in a way that reflected her Art and lived her Art the way she experienced life. She was straightforward and consistent like a boss; wishy washy she was not. No conviction was conveniently and selectively remembered or acted upon. Oh no, she practiced what she preached across the board. And if she got off track a bit, she was back on before the sunrise in order to catch the view. She was a devout WORKER, but not an aimless one. She did not work for the sake of working. She only worked where her heart called her forth. She served on Civil Rights coalitions and leagues. She walked arm and arm with the greats such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, James Baldwin and countless others. She was a visionary. Many Presidents admired and revered her.




Documentary is a narrative about a bold and courageous and magically spirited woman, who was fearless and gifted beyond imagination. It captured her triumphs and her challenges in such a way that unfolded into one of the most provocative stories of authenticity in the raw and love unconditional.

The crystalization of such a heroic history will always live in my soul throughout this lifetime and beyond.

You must see this account of such a trailblazing human experience. You will grow and be a better human being because of it.

Thank you @MayaAngelouFilm and @ritawhack for the world has truly been blessed by the prolific narrative this documentary unfolds.

💜Love & Light🌞,