REMEMBER the incredibly dope iPhone 7 + Airpods commercial during the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks playoff game on January 14th 2017? There was a smoothe b-boy, Lil Buck, break-dancing on the city sidewalks and on buildings and cars as he listened to “Down” by Marian Hill. He transported to an entirely other world defying the laws of gravity, creating his own matrix? Well, I most certainly do remember because there was a spark of love lit as I encountered for the very first time, Marian Hill.

Marian Hill is an American songwriting duo (Production artist: Jeremy Lloyd & Vocalist: Samantha Gongol) from Philadelphia. Their name derives from two characters Marian Paroo and Harold Hill from The Music Man musical. While I was introduced to Marian Hill by way of the Apple commercial for the very first time, millions of other people were also. And, shortly after that introduction, streaming numbers, downloads and sales increased dramatically. In fact, last week, “Down”, was #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Up four places from last week, “Down” also takes #17 on the latest Media base pop radio airplay chart and I am pretty sure that the commercial had almost EVERYTHING to do with it. The power of Apple advertising is major and clear and proves to be a beautiful win win for everyone involved in the collaboration.

Check out the original TV Air pod commercial and the Visualiser imagery music video created for Marian Hill’s, “Down”. It’s a sultry R&B, electronic, synth pop inspired record that is sure to put you in a vibe that is eternally lovely and magical.

💜Love & Light🌞,