When Britto first came on the scene no one paid attention; and now, he owns the scene! Of course I always talk about cars but now cars and Artists have merged, so it gets better! Visual Artist, Romero Britto, better known as Britto in the Art community has done it again.

Now who doesn’t love a Porsche. It’s most peoples dream car, but never in your dreams could you imagine the way Britto did!

Britto was in Miami Palm Beach this weekend doing what he does best, which is entertain through Art. This time he collaborated with Porsche to get his point across. Britto created a beautiful wrap for the 2016 Cayman S. And he created something we definitely had not seen before.

The wrap was full of color as most of his work is, but this time something stood out! Britto wrapped his Porsche. Now in the past 3 years wrapping vehicles has become a big business, but this took it up a few notches. The Porsche brand was fairly excited to partner with Britto on this for the Mansion owners Birthdays. And to make it extra special, Porsche gave him a one of one Britto Porsche! The car was a site to see and I am sure was the main attraction of the party.

Britto has yet done it again which I thought was pretty awesome especially because you have not really seen the Porsche brand stick its neck out for too many people. They sure came through for Britto this time. Now that’s what you call a real ART Gangsta!

Congrats Britto on a job well done! I will continue to be on the look out for you.

Signing Off!