Oh to this enlightened young man Alex Hibbert….

Alex Hibbert is a 12 year old who is not your typical 12 year old! The child star with a break out roll in the newly released feature Film, “Moonlight”, is taking the industry by force.

This 12-year old has a clear idea of what to do with his acting career and the money he makes from it, which we rarely see in the Entertainment industry. While receiving his award a few nights back, this young man emphasises the importance of staying grounded no matter how many award shows he goes to.

He makes it clear he is not working for the fame and truly does understand the power of the business and how it has given him the ability to do good for others.

The star also makes clear that he just wants to continue to help his mom and all the other people that need him. What I found to be most dynamic is when he said he would be giving a portion of his money made from the film to Cancer patients and research! Now this was a statement that made my heart flutter. For a moment, I was allowed to see that the kids may not be that far off. The chosen ones that is. Alex startled many in the statement, but his Mom wasn’t surprised at all! This shows you he comes from very humble beginnings which was where the beauty was born!

Now this is what we here at H.O.C call breaking news!

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