PREFACE: “For good ideas, innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”
– Margaret Heffernan

So after Chance The Rapper received three Grammy’s a few nights ago, Noisey posted on IG, “It’s tough being a Chance The Rapper Fan when you’re not a Christian.” Hmmmm ….. now isn’t this interesting.

Apparently, Noisey, who is owned by Vice (who I love), feels like it may be a little difficult to be a fan of the trailblazing star and visionary because he believes in a higher power and champions his beliefs publicly. Well, let me be clear, Lawrence Burney, who writes for Noisey (owned by Vice – whp I love) is the person that takes issue. And you know what ladies and gentlemen, I find this to be utterly ridiculous.

We live in America. And the very reason that many ventured over to this new soil was to escape religious persecution and judgement. They wanted to raise their children in an environment where their religious beliefs were not up for criticism, so that they could be authentic in their freedom to believe in what they choose to believe in. WE CALL THIS LIBERTY.

Whatever your beliefs are: aetheist, agnostic, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc.; who cares so long as you are happy with the development of your spirituality or the lack thereof. I do not see a problem with people authentically shareing their beliefs in a public setting. I actually find being bold enough to be you in public as opposed to some washed down politically correct representative of yourself, is courageous and to be applauded.

Besides, why do you have to believe in the religion of someone in order to appreciate their gifts and talents and unique spirit? Or why would you feel that your beliefs are threatened because you encounter someone with a different perspective than you? This seems absurd and a bit immature as if as humans we have not evolved enough in order to genuinly accept the diversity that this world holds and embrace various cultures, ways if living, etc. so long as it does not strip other citizens of their natural born liberties and rights.

It’s quite funny how we have no problem with individuals who glorify sex, drugs and other sedonistic pleasantries and addictions as a whole, but the minute they voice their passion about God, all of a sudden it is an issue. VERY ODD and borderline troubling.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes by philosopher, Voltaire, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Makes brilliant sense to me. Reminds me of those amazing First Amendment rights that people seem to constantly want to annihilate in this country. Voltaire says even if he does not believe in your beliefs, he is willing to give up his life. WHY? I’ll tell you why: because if you did not have the right to believe in what you believe in, then what gives him the right to believe in what he believes in.

So, while you are entitled to your beliefs, Lawrence Burnney, from Noisey, I find them a bit hypocritical and judgemental, but I am genuinly grateful for it; for you, are entitled to your own point of view as am I. And I would like to think that Chance The Rapper is entitled to his beliefs that fall within his life narrative as well.

I believe that the only thing keeping you from being a fan of Chance The Rapper is YOU. Most will miss that, but hopefully, you won’t. I guarantee that once you get over your PERSONAL relationship with Christianity (which is not God, but only a man made religion) and heal, forgive, take note on the lessons and learn how to throw the funky water out without losing the baby in that water, your perspective will soar to a place of openess, positivity and love unconditional.

But then again, that is just my 2 cents on the matter.

💜Love & Light🌞,