French photographer, Jèrôme Ferriere, lives in Ibiza and has studied the Art of photography for 20 years. His supreme passion within this art form is portraiture, where he focuses on capturing the real essence of his subject’s personality and spirit. He says, it’s about catching the strength and the fragility of the character.” His ability to capture the soul, which lies beyond the image, is strikingly captivating and possesses a raw charm and authenticity few photographers have been able to master.

Ferrière began his career in France in 1990 and since then has traveled the world, specializing in reportage, advertising, fashion and live performance in addition to portraiture, which his heart fancies more. In 2000, he published a book “les Bordelaises”, a collection of women’s portraits from Bordeaux. Beyond the faces of these women his photographs are an ethnological study of this society. Since 2002, Ferrière has devoted himself to a photographic study of the international community from the island of Ibiza since 2002. The books published since then are explore two sides of Ibiza. The first book, IBIZA PORTRAITS, explores the authentic historical side of Ibiza through the lens of the narratives of influencers and islanders that live and love the island they called home. While the second book, IBIZA ROCKS, explores the more commercial and party oriented side that Ibiza has long been rumored to embody “filled with over 100 rebellious, irreverent and iconic images that document a fresh generation of live music – encapsulating the magic that is Ibiza Rocks.”

Ibiza, is where I was pleasured to meet this Artist. I did not even realize he was photographer when he offered me and Wayne Taylor at the Bagatelle Beach Club closing party a ride to an easier spot we could catch a taxi. However, after a ride into town and a drink at a local French bar coupled with an invite to Ferrière’s home, where we listened to his extensive dj music catalogue of reggae, let’s just say that quick ride to catch a taxi turned into discovering a new mate in a foreign land AND the photo shoot we did the day after.

What a heART of cool experience I had in Ibiza and with the one and only Jèrôme Ferrière.

💜Love & Light☀️,