What good is being a celebrity or a person of influence if you do not use your blessings and favor to benefit others? Well, quite frankly – there is none from a character perspective, which is why it is good to see that Beyonce dropped a video and remix of J Balvin and Willy William’s “Mi Gente”, where all of the proceeds goes to hurricane victims in Houston, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as well as earthquake victims in Mexico. In addition to the video release, if you go to Beyonce’s website, you will see all of the ways that you can contribute to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the earthquake.

As Beyonce said in a PRE-recorded video, “Natural disasters don’t discriminate. They don’t see if you’re an immigrant, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish, or Muslim, wealthy or poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Third Ward or River Oaks, we’re all in this together. Seeing everyone of different racial, social and religious backgrounds put their own lives at risk to help each other survive, restored my faith in humanity.”

And this is what life really is all about – HUMANITY – the one race and only race that really exists. So, check out the video and download the song and join the wave of promoting life, compassion and love as we lift up our fellow humans as they rise from ashes like the Phoenix and start a new beginning.

💜Love & Light☀️,