Every time I go to Milan for fashion week, there is one place I must go. Surprisingly enough, it’s not a particular fashion show.  The location that my heart desires and the experience I always seem to yearn for is the incredible ristorante, Solferino. A diamond in the rough truly, I was introduced to this magical Milanese gastronomical experience by my father. Upon my first time going to to Milan, he said, “Go to Solferino. It is the best meal I have had in Europe.” With such a powerful statement, I most definitely looked forward to manifesting a similar experience for myself.

This established trattoria, offering delectable classic and modern Italian dishes with an impeccable wine list to accompany every bite you have within you to consume, has been creating timeless encounters since 1909. Based in the famous district, Brera, Solferino is one of the most dazzling and charming experiences I have had in Europe also. And the service, is quite exquisite and memorable. Their authentic and genuine attention to how they aim to ignite your taste buds defies convention. Two well-known and internationally experienced chefs get to “Solferino”‘s kitchen: Savino Antonacci, whose speciality are first dishes, and Francesco Centaro, who specializes in fish and meat dishes. Moreover there is the arrival of tha maitre Gianni Di Buduo, well known and experienced, who is always ready to receive and give advice to the guests that travel from far and wide to dine with them.

If you ever get an opportunity to co-create a moment with this magical place, I recommend it profusely and pray that you are able to kick back and enjoy present that will forever be yours because it will forever reign in your heart.

Solferino, you all have just been heART of cool STAMPED.

💜Love & Light☀️,