The Visionary’s Manifesto Presents Eric Simms “Has the World Gone Crazy or Have I just been Sleepwalking?”

There is a scene from the original movie “Poltergeist” where the young daughter is in front of her family’s home while all hell is breaking loose and she is screaming, “what is happening!!” Well for some time now that is exactly how I have been feeling and between the political rhetoric, racial tensions, income inequalities, American divisiveness regarding the flag and patriotism and let us not diminish the apparent wrath of mother nature which has left a swath of devastation across our nation and beyond.

It seems that there is no refuge for any of us who have no choice but to become what some would call “woke” in this age of crisis.  The question then becomes what to do about not just what directly affects you and me as individuals but the responsibility and knowledge of how to become an entrepreneur for the support and value of your fellow brethren.  I don’t have all the answers but I damn sure know how to reach across the divide and expand my abilities as a critical thinker and high vibrational spirit towards gaining a broader idea of how to improve upon a situation that is headed in a negative direction.

Take for instance the current issue facing the NFL and the ongoing protests and pushback among the American populace, is it too much to ask that we at least have the conversation with those that may disagree with us and furthermore how to address the apparent issues of bias that threaten our shared love of the sport and what it stands for?  These professional ballers are trying in a peaceful manner to tell us all something that is affecting their culture and beliefs whether it is kneeling or standing by both black/ brown and white men is in fact an act I believe we as the so-called intelligent species living on this planet can take a moment to try and comprehend without feeling personally attacked and might I add that name calling is not helping the current situation, “Sons of Bitches?? Really Mr. President even you can at least pretend to uphold both the value of the individual and the nation as a whole.  But in keeping with even my narrative of understanding, forgiveness and a higher vibration, I must practice what I preach and acknowledge that as an American Mr. President you represent this land of ours that is home to a belief system based upon inclusion, value and respect which I can only hope will someday open up a real dialogue between the nation and the nation’s capital because you are now the embodiment of the message via the messenger as President of these United States and you must strive to speak for not just the base that supports your every move but for those of us that are living in confusion and uncertainty.

Now that being said I also understand that it is my responsibility due to the fact that I have chosen to operate at my highest self to do what I can to help elevate the human condition.  My intent is to learn from my shortcomings and to create an environment where people from all walks of life feel a sense of true value.  So let’s get back to how we can as individuals address this ongoing state of crisis that is affecting our nation and planet.  Start by simply sitting in a space by yourself and asking the question, “what am I afraid of and why?” Next is how do I begin to address that feeling of indifference so that I can allow the greatness for which I was created to rise to the surface.

We all have the capacity to reach out across racial, gender and cultural distances and embrace one another in respect.  I want the world to stay tuned because I will continue to use my platform via The Visionary’s Manifesto to expose the best of who we are but I will also make a concentrated effort to understand those who have had a different experience which has shaped their personal ideas and values.  I believe in the good because I have seen the worst but I refuse to let that leave a lasting imprint of negativity on the legacy of what I create within the context of this fleeting life.