Helen Sadler, from Somerset in the south west of England, is an Artist, who decides to do what she loves most in addition to various artistic jobs along the way. A graduate from Weston Art College and Staffordshire, where she studied Art, Design and Advertising. Upon graduation, Sadler first started working in creative design and advertising agencies in Manchester, developing her creativity by participating in D&AD Advertising workshops.


Sadler evolved to TV advertising and photography shoots, where she assisted some of the best UK Art Directors in large national productions across the UK, and again in Ibiza. Some of her clients include: Gucci, Nike, Paul Smith, Corine Day, Stella McCartney, Tony Kaye, Helena Bolam Carter, Vogue and Elle, to name but a few.

After working as an Art Director in the U.K. for years and seasonally in Ibiza and the Alps, this fearless beauty decided to leap to a more satisfying life by following her heart, relocating to Ibiza permanently. And since then, she has been working as a freelance graphic designer and production assistant while she creates her Art, drawing inspiration from the lights, shapes and colors of the sky that she sees everyday from her personal residential view of Dalt Via in La Marina.

The experience of graphic design work coupled with stunning views of picturesque skies, appears to be the perfect recipe for a magical artistic creation. And as an illustrator and photographer, Sadler has an abundant of mediums to explore and combine.

Photographer, James Ferrera, introduced me to Sadler this week in Ibiza, SPAIN at her first exhibition and final exhibition of the 2017 Summer season for Pache Hotel, “Colours Of Summer”. Upon arrival, I melted and fell in love with Sadler’s work immediately as I listened to the sounds of DJ Giancarlo Bonati. The colors that she uses and the way in which you cannot tell where one begins and another ends is dreamy and poetic. Sadler uses acrylic on canvas and she allows herself to intuitively and freely create as she gets lost in the wonder of her work.

I believe that one of the goals in life is to live authentically and do what you love.

Artists take great risks to follow their heart. And I admire them for the courage and resilience it takes to live in their truth despite societal pressures. Although the path of an Artist is challenging and unpredictable, a true Artist could not see themselves living any other way.

Sadler strikes me as one of those people. Vibrant, spirited and a powerful manifestor, this artistic visionary has discovered the most precious gift – and that is the joy she feels and shares through her artwork. Check out her creations and allow her Art and her life to inspire you to move closer to discovering your own joy and passion. For as Lebanese writer, Kahlil Gibran says, work should be, “Love made visible”.

💜Love & Light☀️,