Have you ever heard a song that was so dreamy and melodically captivating with a musicality element that literally spreads throughout your entire being as it begins to heal you? Well, I have and the Artist who is responsible for this mesmerizing experience is Kenneth Whalum III. Once a prince at Morehouse College when I first met him while attending Spelman College; and now, most certainly a bonafide, genteel King 👑.

A saxophonist and an accomplished arranger, Whalum III has created a sound that is truly authentic and refreshing. In fact, the resounding freedom his music illuminates in his latest album, BROKEN LAND, is at moments, breathtaking. Known primarily for his behind the scenes saxophone playing on tours with Maxwell and other great talents coupled with his arrangements for Artists such as John Legend, Whalum III is venturing out and spreading his wings as he transcends the 50 feet from stardom that most musicians and background singers struggle with. The range of the music he creates spans far and wide – from rock, R&B, Jazz and Hip Hop with artistic influences such as Banksy’s “Dismaland”.

I remember hearing my dear friend sing for the first time during one of his studio sessions in LA. I was blown away, but not surprised as this Gemini is multifaceted and does not shy away from mastering all of the components that make him the unique human being God created no matter how challenging the task may seem. A son of a Pastor of TENNESSEE’s Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Kenneth T. Whalum, Scooter has an infinite supply of soul and depth which he translates into music that we all can feel and learn from. The freedom you hear within his music is a reflection of the freedom he lives by.

A natural born STAR, soaked with humility and character, and a man who will never forget where he came from and all those people that truly rocked with him at all points of his evolution. A poet, who extrapolates on the world he finds himself in and the raw feelings he experiences while journeying on the planet, Whalum III is a man who is about THE MESSAGE that reverberates for THE PEOPLE. His lyrics of each track are poignant with rich meaning. And his voice, oooooo weeeee this man’s voice, is one of the most silky, sultry and wavy ones I have experienced.

A father and a faithful friend, who over the years has turned into a brother – WHALUM III – I salute you and ❤️I LOVE YOU!!!❤️ You are an inspiration and have been officially heART of cool STAMPED!

Ladies and gentleman, check out one of my favorite tracks on BROKEN LAND, “Ghost Town”, and allow yourself to tap into the magic that is musically and vocally arranged by the one and only, Kenneth Whalum III.

💜Love & Light☀️,