The Visionary’s Manifesto Presents TT the Artist “The Re-Evolution”

The music world has found a dynamic high vibrational force of nature in the form of a beautifully talented multi-talented woman who goes by the name of TT the Artist.  She has rocked the mike alongside some of today’s hottest musical celebrities as well as showcased her own concerts for proof of her supernatural flow check out her recent single “Dig”  But we wanted to go beyond the music for a rare glimpse of the creative genius and allow her high vibrational flow to utter forth in a deep narrative so please open your soul to the underground beat of this amazing artist! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present TT the Artist!

HoC Interview:

HoC:   When did you realize that hip hop was the medium in which you would express your talents?

TT: I was a freshman in high school when I started writing my raps. I had a really good friend of mine who was a female rapper and she use to do rap battles and cyphers and crush all the male rappers on campus. One of the things that inspired me to rap was how much respect a woman could get just from the use of her voice. Hip hop is a cross genre platform that enables me to express myself without boundaries.

HoC:  What have been the challenges and triumphs of being a “boss” in the music industry?

TT: In the music industry, there are barriers and road blocks already set up for women entering the game. We are met with physical challenges and judgments on our physical attributes take precedent over our actual talent. We have to be more resilient and persistent in demanding we be treated equally having our voices be heard . I overcame these road blocks by having female mentors who have had to go through some of the same struggles as well as always asserting myself as a leader. I had to stop looking for validation through people who most likely had their own insecurities. I questioned who sets up these standards and how can I be an individual? So, very early I learned that I had to be a boss and make my own rules in order to make a difference for girls like me entering this business.

HoC:   Are you at a point where you see yourself transitioning into different visual mediums such as acting or commercialization via product endorsements?

TT: I have always been an artist of many facets. Music was something that got my foot in the door, but I have a bachelors in fine arts with a concentration in video production. Presently, I am working on my first directed feature length documentary film which has been exciting. I also have interests in writing a few books, creating fashion and product design collections in the near future. I plan to do a lot…as much as I can while I am here.

HoC:  What are your thoughts on the new generation of hip hop artists as it relates to the deep cultural influences of the “old school” rappers?

TT: My thoughts on the new school vs the old school is that this will always be a reoccurring conversation. Music is always evolving across all musical genres and hip hop is no exception. When we examine the new sound of hip hop I think we need to look at it with a wider lens and not group all young and new rappers in the same category. Everyone has their own way to express… art is art. I believe it’s the messaging in music that makes a person decide if they want it to resonate in their lives and that’s personal for every individual.  That being said all messaging isn’t for everyone. I personally like when artists have a unique way to tell a story and there are some layers there all around from the beat to the melody down to the vocal delivery whether its auto tuned up or chopped and screwed pitched down. I like to keep an open mind about the music I experience.

HoC:   Is there a strong sense of trust in the business that you have become a part of or do you find it to be somewhat of an isolating factor?

TT: In any business, you need to have an understanding of your field. I tend to research as much as I can when I am out networking and come across new people or business ventures. At times, I do feel isolated in the way I approach the creative process of my work, but when it’s time to share my music or when I perform I feel a lot of love. I meet so many people day to day that I don’t feel isolation. As far as trust, that just comes along with learning people and living life. You are going to meet some people who give you a great vibe and you connect with instantly and then you will meet some people who you know may not have your best interests. It’s all a “growing” experience.

HoC:   Your music videos are high energy and exude an inclusive cross-cultural dynamic. What is your intent when creating those unique concepts surrounding your brand of artistry?

TT: I think it’s important to be inclusive all the way around. I like to think that my music is universal so I tap into talent al across the board. I love to work with young people and give them the platform to live their dream. I remember when I was a kid how much I wanted to be an artist, but the world made me feel like it was just a hobby and not a career that could be taken serious. So, as an adult it has become a personal agenda of mine to be a mentor to the younger generation and show them they can have a career and be successful if they work hard and put themselves out there!

HoC:  We know you have a large global fan base but how has your family dealt with your rise to fame?

TT: My family is very supportive especially my dad. Sometimes he sends me random texts to my phone of song lyrics and inspiration. Our relationship has come a long way and he’s now my #1 fan lol.

HoC:  You made education a core part of your vision as it relates to making an impact in the music industry. What advice would you give to other artist who dream of becoming the next TT?

TT: First, decide what type of artist you want to be…if you can’t decide then literally experiment and play. Take classes in mediums that interests you. Don’t be afraid to fail it teaches you how to be stronger. If you don’t experiment you will never know what you like. I still find experiment and play a huge part of my life canvas.

HoC:  What can the fans expect to see in the future from TT The Artist?

TT: I am working on a few projects right now. My film Dark City: Beneath The Beat is a musical documentary that explores the dynamic Baltimore club music and dance culture so look out for that 2018. I also recently started working with an artist named Colada she is a rnb singer song writer and Baltimore native and we are preparing to release her first EP in October 2017. Last, I am working on new music and a new project … no release date yet but it is something to look forward to!

For more info on TT the Artist please visit her social media platform via Facebook “TT the Artist” or click here.