With International Woman’s day just passing last week and HeART of COOL Tuesday’s underway today, I thought it would only be right to introduce to you a phenomenal WOMAN and ARTIST, Jessica Kenyon. Intelligent, tenacious, a fighter and a survivor, this woman is THE TRUTH with a keen and insatiable ability to capture vibrant and uber cool moving subjects. Kenyon, the divine goddess of fine art, specializes in archival giclee prints and has a beautiful studio in Santa Fe, NM, where she creates large format photographs up to 60″ X 80.”


The catalyst for Kenyon embarking upon a journey of fine art dates back to her teenage years when she stumbled upon the the exhibit of famed and celebrated photographer, Steve McCurry. She was so impacted and wowed by her experience that soon after the exhibit, she started to diligently take thousands of pictures a day. Talk about a Michael Jordan work ethic!


 Although Kenyon wanted to be a photo journalist, she actually opted against it, after witnessing extreme violence in the Middle East. As a graduate of a prestigious college, Cornell University, she definitely had options and pursued opportunities in finance and the non-profit sector.

However, believe it or not as destiny would have it, in 2013, Kenyon suffered a severe injury that had her bed ridden for over two years. And like, HOC friend, Tommii Lim, Kenyon turned her tragedy into a triumph and engrossed herself into shooting colorful moving subjects such as liquid, smoke, oil, etc. “Everything in her life was shifting due to her injury, so she focused her lens on subjects that reflected this impermanence.”


It was the inspiration drawn from this portion of her journey that really catapulted Kenyon towards her destiny of becoming a dynamic and sought after fine artist. And now, art collectors from all over the world gravitate in awe to the contemporary aesthetic that Kenyon’s prints showcase. We salute the courage and resilience and artistic awesomeness of Jessica Kenyon.

Check out her work and learn more about her on her website, http://www.jessicakenyonstudio.com, which features her art collection series, ‘INK’ and ‘Abstract Peony’, inspired by her direct experience with impermanence.

💜Love & Light🌞,