Who knew that the combination of leather, fur and gold with beautiful soft hues of color would create the perfect sandals that adorn any feet? Gucci did. And they definitely deserve a shot out for their creative vision and design.


I first discovered these gems in Milan, Italy during fashion week and they literally dazzled me. Wear a pair of Paul Smith socks with them if you are feeling dapper or you can sport some vibrant Happy Socks if you are feeling groovy like “everyday people”. Either way you are sure to be fly as a kite; as long as you bring your authentic swagged out confidence with you of course; for, that is always a pre-requisite. I was so moved by the flare that these stylistically courageous sandal had that you already know I just had to snagg a pair for my own personal archives.


I wear all sorts of brands from luxury to everyday to up and coming designers and of course my own creations. And in my opinion, it does not matter the cost, just the value and quality of the product and of course how you feel when you connect and wear it. So, yes, Gucci deserves a shot out, not because they are a coveted luxury design brand, but because they are innovative, out of the box and have the guts to follow through and watch everyone adorn their feet with their brilliant design.


Check them out and let us know what you all think!

💜Love & Light🌞,