The famous Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is collaborating with Gucci for the Florence-born fashion house’s “Gucci Places” initiative. This movement aims to invite people to explore global locations that are inspirational, creating a worldwide  community connected by Gucci, Art & Design.

Making film a primary focus regarding their “mission to bring masterpieces of art and culture to the Los Angeles community,” LACMA established its first annual Art & Film Gala with Gucci being the lead sponsor and enhancing LACMA’s film exhibitions, programs and educational initiatives. So, it is no surprise that LACMA was added to the “Gucci Places” roster. Other new locations are: Italy’s Biblioteca Angelica library and Castello Sonnino castle (Rome and Tuscany’s); Maison Assouline in London; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art — or LACMA; the Bibo restaurant in Hong Kong, and the Waltz store in Tokyo.

A queen of finding and adoring the intersection of a myriad of industries and realities of life, the “Gucci Places” initiative, impresses me with how they incorporate technology in an ingenious way to highlight and create an experience and potential point of sale of Art, Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle.


Drawing the consumers into the narrative of the new locations that are born within the initiative and to add a little cachet to it all, an app configured to use geolocation services of the user’s mobile device and that shares a detailed description of the venues, featuring texts, pictures, videos and an information section dedicated to the events staged in each location, was created to spice up the initiative.


When a person is in proximity of a Gucci Place, one will receive a push notification inviting her to visit the venue. And once in a Gucci Place, the app allows users to win badges associated with that particular location, which the user then can decide whether or not she would like to share it on social media or sell it I presume.


And of course an exclusive selection of products based on Gucci’s Courier collection, was also designed to heighten the stakes for all of the fashionistas and lover of Art out there. Unique and well thought out patches inspired by each location within the “Gucci Places” program will be featured on the products available at each Gucci Place.

For more information download the app. I most certainly did. Check out a couple of pieces on sale in the spirit of this new creative union.

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