FACES from anonymous models mostly from the Cape Malay community are the subjects of this week’s heART of cool (HoC) Art Tuesdays’ Artist, Lionel Smit. Born in Pretoria and currently living in Capetown, South Africa, Smit is not only a sculptor, but he is also a contemporary painter and portraiture.

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Smit was introduced to the world of sculpture by his father, Anton Smit, who is an internationally established and poetic sculptor who has sold works across the world. Anton possessed a live in studio in the home that Lionel grew up in. And although, Lionel’s parents divorced, there is no doubt that Anton influenced Lionel significantly, contributing to his gift and success at a young age.

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A sculptor by the age of 12 and a student of Pretoria’s Pro Arte School Of Arts by the age of 16, where he graduated being the best painter in his class, Lionel is a true young and natural born leader and Artist. He has had solo exhibitions and he has also been the featured artist in quite a few art fairs across the globe from India, London, Monaco, Germany, Miami Amsterdam and London.

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The exhibition that grasped my attention is the collaboration and Finland debut with the Didrichsen Art Museum in Helsinki, Finland called FACES. FACES is a collection of art pieces that take a journey exploring the Formation of Identity manifested through monumental portraiture on canvas and bronze deconstructions. The exhibition began on September 8, 2016 and ends January 29, 2017.

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Be sure to check out the beautiful product from FACES and look out for the Lionel Smit Faces Publication that will be at the Didrichsen Art Museum.


Lionel, you get the heART of cool STAMP for your brilliant and poetic work centered around the most important realization on the planet, one’s IDENTITY. If you do not know who you are it is rather difficult to navigate your life journey. Our identities, are our compass!

💜Love & Light🌞,