You are thought. As you read this now, you are the reader. As you think about what you’ve read you are no longer the reader but a conscious stream of reflective thought. In this way, you do not feel your feelings nor think your thoughts; you are a feeling from the thoughts you experience. Claiming to feel your feelings or see your sight is like stepping into a room made of mirrors. You conciously echo your experience good or bad into a loop of experience rather than existing as a timeline of feelings, thoughts, sights, and sounds.


Instead of thinking that it is you that is thinking your thoughts or that you feel your own feelings, see your self as experiencing a continuous stream of consciousness. In this way you have only to manage what is currently expressed rather than worrying about your worries. In the present if you are feeling emotion that is not positive, feel it completely and then find something else to feel. Do not reverberate your experience by feeling bad for the feelings that you feel.


You have all the information you need in your reality now to achieve your dreams. Use your feelings as an emotional indicator of your progress. If someone or some situation causes you to feel any negative emotions, observe what it is in you that is being oppressed. Perspective shifts can happen in any moment and can be miniscule or life altering. Stay open to changing the way you experience your life and the world around you. Affirm: I am at peace in my life and I accept all of the good coming to me now. And so it is.

In Light, Love & Truth.
Kyle Polansky