Born in Fulton, Missouri in 1959 and currently Chicago-based visual Artist, Nick Dave, is a master of the inter-sectionalism of sculpture, fashion, installation and dance. As an old student of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and a professor of the fashion design department at the School of the Art of Chicago, he has brilliantly allowed the experiences at the aforementioned institutions to enhance and further illuminate his artistic sensibilities when it comes to visual creative expression. Most famous for his “soundsuits,” (human-shaped sculptural pieces created as a response to the Rodney King Beating in 1991 and comprised of repurposed commonplace materials that make sounds when moved), Dave has focused his attention on identity, social justice and the ability that Art possesses to transform and advance humanity.

Currently in Nashville, TN at the Frist Gallery, Dave has an exhibition of soundsuits, sculptures, projected video and multimedia installations. And on April 6, 2018, Dave will continue to spread his magic and vision on the growing multicultural city of Nashville with a months-long civic engagement project that will consist of free public performances: live dance, music soundsuits, spoken word and more, including the showcasing of local talent from universities and performing arts organizations. Wanting to create a transformative experience where one’s narrative can be a part of the exhibition and one’s dreams can soar is the objective of Cave’s creative investment into Nashville; and that, most certainly, is enough for Cave to be officially heART of cool STAMPED.

Mr. Nick Cave, you are making a Nashville woman at heart very proud.

Thank you!

💜Love & Light☀️,