“The revolution is creative,” says feminist, activist, producer, drum player and all around musical talent, Kiran Gandhi (Madam Gandhi). And, I could not agree more, which is one of the reasons why Gandhi’s  “Future Is Female”, featuring UNIIQU3 and  TT The Artist is the music video featured this week. Additionally, after coming off of a love high as I celebrated my birthday (November 9th) with my immediate family in Nashville, TN this past weekend, there is no other musical selection most suiting to honor my experience last week celebrating my 35th round around the sun.

Why? Well, because I am a female who believes like Gandhi that woman qualities should not be subordinate to that of a man’s qualities AND I also believe their is beauty in collaboration and innovation when both male and female work together as equals from a human perspective. Gandhi explains, “My intention is to love fem energy in all of us. It’s about valuing femininity in all of us so men, women and all genders in between feel brave enough to be their most authentic selves.”

With a song with such an empowering message backdropped with a dope swaggy Baltimore beat during such a time of political and social turmoil these days, we must admit that this track is a breath of fresh air. And compounded upon the aforementioned perspective, “Future Is Female” is also a reflection of all the other progressive and talented Artists out their across the globe that may not be on the mainstream radio or satellite waves – Artists, who understand the importance of the power of authenticity and the ability to own your voice and let your light shine radically for the uplifting impact of all beings on the planet.

I love it when I come across music that not only entertains, but pushes the envelope socially and leaves an impact that will elevate the collective consciousness on this planet. And I get super charged and stoked out when the conduits of such creativity are heART of cool family members.

So check out the video, “Future Is Female”, with an all-female super star studded cast, who have created a beautiful piece of Art. And allow the power of the array of female vibes to rock you soulfully to your core in a liberating way – whether you are male or female.

“Future Is Female” is directed, edited and produced by TT herself, along with award-winning Pan-African feminist activist Aya Chebbi, with assistance on set from Astrid Curet.

TT and Madam Gandhi – we 👀 you all and you two women are truly inspiring.

“Future Is Female” has been officially heART of cool STAMPED!

💜Love & Light☀️,