When you discover that you are a visual Artist, it is a beautiful awakening to a miraculous gift. However, when you decide that you then want to make a living from practicing your gift, it can be a cumbersome and long process towards financially supporting yourself with your craft.


The Art business is up and down and is a tough industry to break into if you are attacking it from a traditional angle. “Galleries need reassurance that a new artist’s solo show will yield a financial return while art collectors would rather invest in an established name than take a chance on an untested talent. For a budding artist, building enough hype to earn a debut solo exhibition at a respectable gallery often requires the level of momentum that can only come off the back of already having already hosted a successful solo show.” A paradox, we know. Consequently, we end up with an industry that does not support emerging talent; and therefore, inhibits the birth of new visual creations into the marketplace, creating a stoic and stale environment.

BUT – rapper, producer, Bacardi’s Chief Creative For Culture and recent Harvard business Grad student, Swizz Beatz, is on the brink of revolutionizing the modern Art industry by creating explosive opportunities for Artists around the world through his No Commission Art exhibition that debuted during Art Basel in Miami and since then has been in London, Shanghai, and Berlin. With Barcardi as a partner since 2016, No Commission has earned Artists $3 Million and has also exposed more people who have never bought a piece of Art to the art world. It’s a movement “for Artists by Artists” according to Swizz Beatz. Therefore, Artists keep ALL of the profits from the artwork they sell. That’s right folks, Artists are charged no commission.

Curated by professional Art curator, Nicola Vassell, No Commission is leveling the playing field when it comes to the modern Art world by selling 98% of the Artist’s work in the exhibition. SO, if you are in the Miami area December 7th – 10th for Art Basel, make sure to check it out. And, let’s do our part to support Artists worldwide.

💜Love & Light☀️,