“Can you see it? The worst is over. The monsters in my head are scared of love. Fallen people, listen up! It’s never too late to change our luck. Don’t let them steal your light. Don’t let them break your stride. There is light on the other side. And you’ll see all of the raindrops fall behind. It’s a revolution. Make it out tonight. It’s a revolution.”

The aforementioned phrases are powerful poignant lyrics of American DJ, Diplo’s, song, “Revolution”. And besides the fact that both Diplo (Nov. 10th) and I (November 9th) celebrate our birthdays this week, this track also resonates with me because let’s face it – LIFE is a trip sometimes! And although it may be simple, it’s far from easy. We have ups and downs: people come and go, money comes and go, self-doubt starts to creep in, self-sabotaging thoughts emerge, our insecurities overcome us, our ego flares up, addiction can slither in as coping mechanisms, confidence can be shaken, vision can be lost and quite frankly you can look in the mirror and think to yourself, “who am I and what in the world is going on in this season of my life.”

It happens to everyone. Yes, that is correct – even the greats. And one of the most comforting phrases within a season such as this is, “At any moment (IF YOU ARE OPEN & SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF) everything in your life could change. Whether it is seizing an opportunity, welcoming a new energy into your life or all of a sudden realizing that everything that you have ever experienced is working for your good and you are right where you need to be as life is a journey and revolution within yourself.

So wake-up and rise up and understand that you have to be before you become. Count it all joy and enjoy the journey of the growth and abundance this week brings as you check out Diplo’s video and listen to this revolutionary song with an evolutionary message.

“Revolution” was released 2014 on the STEP UP: ALL IN album.

💜Love & Light☀️,