The Jellies, an American adult animated sitcom created by creative visionary and Artist, Tyler, The Creator and Lionel Boyce; debuted on October 22nd on Cartoon Network’s, Adult Swim. The show was revamped from a series with the same name, which was previously featured exclusively on Tyler’s Golf Media app.

The Jellies, “which tells the story of a family of jellyfish and their 16-year-old adopted human son who when learns that he was adopted at birth, is shocked by the news and spirals out of control as he tries to “find himself,” is a quarter hour series that is executive produced by Tyler, Boyce, Kelly Sato Clancy, Aaron Augenblick, Chris Clancy, Lloyd Braun and Jared Heinke.

85% of The Jellies’ musical score and original composition is created by Tyler.  Tyler also lends his voice to this creative project along with those of Boyce, Phil LaMarr, Blake Anderson, AJ Johnson, Kevin Michael Richardson and many more.

Watch the trailer and the actual show to discover the uncanny situations that Cornell, his family and friends continue to end up in every Sunday at 12:15 am.

BONUS (click here): To find out why Cornell’s character was changed from a Caucasian protagonist to a Black one.

With a TV show, “Nuts + Bolts,” debuted on Viceland earlier this year and his latest album, Flower Boy (which dropped in July), Tyler has been blazing new trails on creative terrains that no doubt reflect the abundance of the world this ⭐️Bright STAR⭐️ is manifesting. So, Tyler, The Creator and Trailblazer – you have just been heART of cool STAMPED.

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